10 Top teenage skincare tips

Follow these 10 top tips:

  1. Skincare routines are  unique to each person. Ensure you have the right skincare for your skin type.
  2. Don’t use soap. Soap strips your skins natural barrier and can cause irritation and over oil production. Foam based cleansers with no soap help to clean, de-grease and smooth your skin. (Dermalogica clear start Foaming wash is specifically designed for teenage skin).
  3. Use a moisturizer with SPF every single day. It’s  important to start early with your sun protection. Exposure to the sun is the worst cause of fine lines, wrinkles, pigmentation and skin cancer. (We love Clear start matte moisturizer SPF 15).
  4. Avoid Sunbeds! it  will age your skin and ultimately  make your acne worse.
  5. Get enough shut eye . Our skin repairs and regenerates whilst we sleep.
  6. Don’t pick or squeeze spots / blackheads. this spreads the spots and even scar your skin. Use a topical spot product to reduce redness and heal your breakouts. Skincreative love Demalogica emergency spot fix.
  7. Drink plenty of water and avoid fizzy drinks.
  8. Never sleep in your makeup. It clogs your pores and produces more spots. Clean skin= healthy skin.
  9. Use mineral makeup as this doesn’t clog your pores with nasty oils and paraben's. We highly recommend Youngblood range of mineral cosmetics.
  10. A simple but effective skincare routine should be followed to achieve spot free, smooth and hydrated skin.