Why Youngblood CC cream is your new best friend…

Introducing the ultimate makeup hack! Youngblood CC cream. Time to hide uneven skin tone and blur fine lines… Imperfections don’t stand a chance.

While you’ve probably heard of BB cream before, CC creams are now the new kids on the block, with dozens of different formulas and and targeting types on the market. Like BB creams, CC creams start their life in Korea, perhaps the most innovative and progressive beauty industry in the world giving beauty lovers in the country flawless skin with little makeup on as possible.

But what is a CC cream? The c’s stand for ‘colour corrector’ which highlights the formula’s ability to target specific skin issues and problematic skin, from treating sallow skin and other discolorations like pimples and age spots. The formulas contain light reflection properties to help minimise and neutralise redness into the skin to provide sheer foundation like coverage, and peptide to plump skin while providing a smooth satin-matte finish.

Suffer from less that perfect skin? Now’s the time to trail a cc primer. For those who deal with trying to cover dark spots, wrinkles, redness or dull skin, the skin treating elements of CC creams and primers will easily target those issues, giving you a better complexion over time.


Like our Youngblood CC perfecting primer, CC creams are applied after your moisturiser and before your foundation, like a regular primer. However, why not ditch your foundation step altogether? Oyr CC primers perfect at covering redness, imperfections and evening out skin tone, so you can go out with just a smooth, airbrushed look. Youngblood CC perfecting primer is also perfect for combination to oily, uneven skin tones, the ideal mattifier for your problem skin!

Blur and enhance your skin to perfection with Youngblood’s new CC perfecting primer. This multi-tasking power house helps skin look and feel flawless by minimizing the appearance of uneven skin tone, texture and shine in just one step. The peptide enriched formula provides a smooth satin matte finish. There’s never been a perfecting primer like it.