New Dermalogica Sleep Sound Cocoon

Introducing Dermalogica ,sleep sound cocoon. It’s Dermalogica new night time product. Sleep sound cocoon has ingredients and formulations that promote optimal overnight recovery and encourage restful sleep.

Why is sleep so important for our skin?

Just a few nights of sleep can lead to dull skin and fine lines, and can result in hypertension, diabetes and a host of other issues. Most of us dot realise that the hours we spend asleep are actually the most constructive. While we sleep, the brain recharges and cellular repair ramps up and the benefits are huge. Certain area of your brain works their hardest during sleep and skin is best able to repair and regenerate itself at night.

The impact of sleep on the skin:

Well rested:

  • Skin makes new collagen reducing fine lone and wrinkles
  • Body boosts blood flow, improving complexion and puffy eyes.
  • You could see improvement after just one day of increased sleep.
  • Noticeable skin benefits within 2-3 weeks of improved sleep.

Insufficient sleep:

  • Body releases more cortisol resulting in collagen breakdown
  • Too little human growth hormone realised resulting in impaired skin renewal
  • 2-3 nights result in puffy eyes and sallow skin.
  • Chronic sleep loss results in dull skin, fine lines and dark circles.

New Dermalogica sleep sound cocoon is your new go to night product to help skin regenerate and repair whilst also helping you get a good night’s sleep.

Key benefits

  • Reduces signs of skin fatigue and restores vitality.
  • Visibly increases radiance by morning.
  • Softens and hydrates skin.
  • Promotes deep restful sleep for healthier looking skin.

Sound sleep widget:

visit our website for tips to help aid restful sleep including a unique piece of music that uses alpha and theta brainwaves to help induce restorative sleep.

Sleep sound cocoon is available from 15th March 2018.