Puberty and teenage skincare.

Puberty and teenage skin.

Teenage skin and puberty can be a challenging time in you life but with the right information and teenage skincare it doesn't have to be.

Puberty starts for girls from age 11- 14 and boys 13-16. Sex hormone and growth hormones have a huge effect on the skin. In this blog we talk about what happens and how we can help the skin.

During puberty there's a huge surge of hormones that cause growth and development.

Growth hormones increase sebum production and skin renewel. Which can cause, congestion and breakouts.

The sex hormones -- estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone -- take a lot of blame when it comes to problem skin, especially acne flare-ups.  Remember that the sebaceous glands are attached to the hair follicles; these kick into action during this amazing growth spurt. Male hormones called "androgens" (found in males and females) trigger these glands to produce more oil, and if the hair follicles become clogged with dead skin cells, the oil does not have a way to get out. The unfortunate result is acne.

With all this going on in in puberty it’s no wonder breakouts are prevalent. Follow these tips to help get skin under control.
  • Don’t strip the skin with harsh alcohol based products as this causes the skin to pump out more oil to compensate it.
  • Sugar and Diary are linked to breakouts. Get your sugar fix from natural fruit like pineapple, berries and cherries.
  • Getting enough sleep is vital, skin repairs and regenerates at night time. So make sure devices are turned off and you get enough zzzzz
  • Drink plenty of water.
  • Yoga and meditation are great ways to help reduce stress levels and in turn help your breakouts.
  • Good skincare routine. Consistency is key. Thorough double cleanse, at Skincreative we highly recommend Dermalogica Clear Start Breakout clearing foam wash. Toners should be hydrating and not drying, a spritz one works really well as you can apply easily over face, decollate and back.Dermalogica Clear Start All over toner is light, refreshing and hydrating on the skin. Mask, Exfoliate and Moisturize.

At Skincreative we believe that looking after your skin should start from a young age, we have a whole range of Teenage skincare products that help to cleanse, clear and help you to be clearly confident with your skin. Check out the full range of Dermalogica Clear Start on our website.