New dermalogica intensive moisture balance and intensive moisture cleanser

If winter has left your skin feeling dry and uncomfortable, fear not! Dermalogica have come to your rescue with their new intensely nourishing duo Intensive moisture balance and intensive moisture cleanser to restore dry and depleted skin! We caught up with Victoria Schofield, Dermalogica's education executive to find out more.

Were super excited to reveal to you an improved formula for one of our most popular dry skin hero moisturizers as well as a new addition to our daily skin health line. Get ready to meet Intensive moisture balance and intensive moisture cleanser.

Many of of you will be suffering with dry skin as a result of the harsh winter climate but some of you were born with dry skin type meaning you need to manage the dryness all year round. Lets look at what is happening in a dry skin and how to ready the symptoms.

Dry skin is typically genetic and feels dry all over, including the hands and scalp. This skin type is
more susceptible to sensitivity and signs of premature ageing, and constantly needs moisturizing dry skin lacks barrier lipids that protect the skin from irritants entering and moisture escaping. These lipids are crucial for protection and hydration and ultimately, healthy functioning skin. Imagine the surface skin layers as a brick wall, the dead skin cells are your defensive bricks and the barrier lipids are the mortar holding the structure together. Any depletion of these lipids results in dry skin symptoms such a tightness, flakiness,rough texture and sensitivity.

Introducing the upgraded intensive moisture balance and new intensive moisture cleanser both powered by by the unique BioReplenish complextm to deliver a combinationof key barrier lipids that enhance skins resilience ans supports barrier recovery.

Intensive moisture cleanser.

when it comes to cleansing dry skin, many formulas either contain harsh surfactants that strip essential barrier lipids and proteins leaving skin tight and uncomfortable or are too mild and don't effectively remove makeup and dirt leading to dull and lackluster skin. Intensive moisture cleanser is formulated with a cutting edge, lipid enriched surfactant system that deeply cleanses without damaging the lipid barrier and is fortified with phytoactives from coconut and murumuru seed butter to protect barrier lipids and preserve the skins natural reillience. invigorating extracts of citrus, palmrosa and jasmine help soothe and refresh tired skin, and have antioxidant properties. Simply massage onto dampened face and neck rinse with warm water. use twice daily, morning and night.

intensive moisture balance

Like the latest upgrade to your smart phone, intensive moisture balance is now powered by the latest technology providing better functionality, all with the same texture and aroma you know and love. The new and unique BioReplenish complextm delivers a combination of key barrier lipids that enhance skins natural resilience and supports barrier recovery.

Dual hyaluronic acid now features in addition to the heritage ingredients of Echinacea, centella asiatica and aloe from the original formula to bolster hydration levels. It works in different skin surface layers to increase and lock in moisture, plus a prebiotic chlorella alfea complex has been included to help re balance the skins natural microbiome by a fostering "good bacteria and diminishing "bad" bacteria which can exacerbate dryness.

Intensive moisture balance now delivers nourishment beyond the skins surface to alleviate dry and depleted skin symptoms. Apply to clean skin morning and evening.

Together, these innovative formulas can help make a life changing difference to those with dry skin, as they help break the endless cycle of lipid depletion and dehydrated by proactively maintaining a healthy skin lipid barrier.

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