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  • Lip Contouring

    Lip Contouring

    Hey there, unassuming makeup lover! Guess what? While you were sleeping, another makeup trend popped up into makeup land and now everyone is talking about it.. Welcome lip contouring, Yes, contouring your lips is now a bonafide thing! Continue reading
  • Does oily skin need moisturizer during summer?

    The answer is yes, absolutely! Everyone needs to protect their skin from moisture loss, as you can have oily skin but still lack water. The summer sun can both dehydrate and damage the skin, causing premature aging; so a moisturiser is important to use for protection. When you
    smile or pout your lips, do you notice fine lines suddenly appear? These are dehydration lines, meaning that your skin needs hydration. This can easily be fixed by using a moisturiser appropriate for your skin condition. Continue reading

  • Braving the winter months – 7 top tips for winter skin care

    Dehydration and dryness are very common skin concerns during the winter months: these conditions reflect a loss of barrier lipids that help keep the skin hydrated, resulting in flakiness and itchy skin. Overly dry skin cannot protect nerve endings in the skin, leading to skin responses. Dehydrated skin means there is a disruption of the barrier integrity, which may also result in ingredients and microorganisms penetrating the skin, causing adverse effects such as stinging or itching. Continue reading

  • Jessica Alba Bold sultry Youngblood makeup look.

    Skincreative love Jessica Alba's sultry makeup. Its perfect for dark winter nights and Christmas parties. Follow our easy steps for perfect party look using Youngblood Mineral Makeup. Continue reading

  • Top 10 shaving tips - help prevent common shaving skin concerns.

    It’s no secret that men need to care for their skin just as much as women do, but this can be difficult and frustrating if there’s  a stubborn beard in their way. We are going to share these top 10 shaving tips to help prevent common shaving skin concerns. Continue reading

  • The ultimate girls guide to strobing

    Strobing is not some new dance craze or millennial saying, Its actually refers to contouring’s little sister. Curious ?  Youngbloods illuminate palette provides an easy way to get in on this new makeup trend. Continue reading

  • 8 Autumn Skincare tips

    As the season changes, colder temperatures, stronger winds and central heating cause skin to become drier, sensitized, red and dull. Your skincare routine requires some changes  to accommodate these skin concerns.

    Continue reading

  • Skincare Rules for Exercise

    Before we discuss our skincare rules for exercise its important to know that exercise isn’t just great for our minds and bodies, it’s also great for our skin. Sadly as well as the positive effects exercise can have on our skin there are also some negative effects. Therefore it’s important to know how to get the best from an exercise program as well as your skincare routine, to ensure happy, healthy skin. Continue reading

  • 5 Steps To Achieving the Perfect Eyebrows

    Eyebrows are the framework for our face. They are not just there to catch your sweat and protect your eyes. They are there to make your eyes stand out, frame your facial features and put the finishing touches on your beautiful look. Continue reading

  • The Top 3 Causes of Dry and Dehydrated Skin
    Dry and dehydrated skin can be a temporary condition or a lifelong concern. Dry skin can be genetically determined or a product of stressful lifestyle with harsh exposure to sun, wind and chemicals in the environment. It can also be caused by using incorrect products on the skin.

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